LTA COVID Playing Protocol

The following are new guidelines and protocols in respect of the restricted opening of HTC courts with immediate effect. The documents below is the latest LTA Guidance.

LTA Player Guidance  Covid-19 Return to Managed Play Players.pdf
LTA Coach Guidance  Covid-19 Return to Managed Play Coaches.pdf
LTA Venue Guidance  Covid-19 Return to Managed Play Venues.pdf


Below is the Haddenham Tennis Club protocol which may and probably will change as Government
guidance changes.

Hygiene and Safety
The clubhouse is not accessible for the duration of the crisis. Accordingly toilets and hand washing
are not available.
Please wash your hands thoroughly before going to the courts and bring a hand sanitiser with you.
The courts will remain temporarily unlocked during the day, so that they can be accessed without
touching anything.
Court benches and bins have been removed.
A First Aid box will be available inside the noticeboard near to the entrance.
Floodlights cannot not be used, so court play will finish at c 20:30 Hrs each day.

Maximum of 2 people per court (singles only). Players can be from different households.
Up to two juniors from the same household can play, providing a supervisory adult from the same household is present on court.
Mini-courts are the preferred option for juniors, to free up the full size courts.
The only exception is where a group of four players, all from the same household can play doubles.
Players need to bring two or more tennis balls which can be readily identified as to ownership (e.g. initials marked.)
In play, players should only pick up and serve with their own balls, using rackets to ‘flick’ other tennis balls back to their owners. i.e. Not using hands.
Common sense is required to ensure that the two metre distancing is in force when changing ends or entering / leaving the court.

Booking Courts
The online booking system will go live on the 25th May. Bookings take priority. Full instructions are on the "How to Book" page.
Each booking will be for one hour which includes any time allowed for changeover where the two metre social distancing rule must be complied with.

Blaise can be contacted directly on 07490 960402 for 1:1 coaching on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am-7.00pm
He will be following the LTA guidelines for coaches which can be read here.
The Committee will take stock in a week’s time (in light of experience and any new Government guidance ), to see if any changes to these procedures are needed.
Best wishes to keep safe and happy tennis playing from your committee.

LTA Player Guide Lines  Covid-19 Return to Managed Play Players.pdf
LTA Coach Guidelines   Covid-19 Return to Managed Play Coaches.pdf
LTA Venue Guidelines   Covid-19 Return to Managed Play Venues.pdf